Detective Grant McCall & Athena Dean

Detective Grant McCall’s & Athena Dean

Athena Dean / Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall

Reported Crime

“I do not want Detective Grant McCalled involved in this.” was the demand stated at the Enumclaw Police station in reporting Athena’s son at the police station. The Enumclaw Police supported Detective Grant McCall’s religious vendetta against a church he believed did not “follow the Bible” and just had “shown up” in town.

  • The King County Prosecutor Team of Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson thoroughly approved, enhanced and protected every action, in-action and violation of Timothy Williams’ rights, each for their own erroneous motives.

As Athena Dean Holtz son had vandalized and terrorized members of Sound Doctrine Church, WinePress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian bookstore, venting full terror upon Timothy Williams. Athena Dean Holtz along with other members of her family of this crime was caught on video tape. The Dean and Gambill family are well known through-out as general trouble makers. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall used the arrest of Malcolm Fraser, while Athena Dean Holtz worked with Detective McCall to target Timothy Williams – see slanderous Enumclaw Police email.

enumclaw police
Athena’s Son Provokes School Teacher

In fact, this Dean member being reported prided himself on getting a school teacher so frustrated that the teacher picked up the chair and threw it across the classroom. Personally, like Athena Dean Holtz this Dean was also always looking for ways to provoke me but could never find one. Up until Athena Dean’s hate-crime direction we would just smile at each other and press on. Like Athena Dean Holtz he could never find anything but in a desperate attempt to gain the love of a mother, according to her own words, is just not going to love him.

The stories are varied, vile and well documented long before Athena Dean Holtz being hemmed in and associated with Timothy Williams. But that didn’t stop Detective Grant McCall from using Athena’s lies to promote his own agenda.

Detective Grant McCall Moves In

Needless to say Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall quickly moved into the situation at the police station and made a phone call to his co-conspirator Athena Dean Holtz. Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall made the call to tip off Athena Dean Holtz that a crime was being reported. Ms. Holtz quickly turned in her son to coverup her instigation in this aspect of the hate crime.

Athena Dean Holtz & Detective Grant McCall Conspire

Things Must Be According To Detective McCall’s Bible Version

Detective Grant McCall, being a Baptist had over many years, in Enumclaw Police Uniform, with his badge, slandered, maligned and paraded his disgust against doctrinal views he did not agree.

That Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall had to invent accusations and testimony is proof of the massive lies and hatred the Enumclaw Police railroaded Winepress Publishing and Sound Doctrine Church out of town.

Detective Grant McCall & Prosecutors

  • Detective McCall Deletes Evidence At Will
  • Eye Witness False Accuser Sits Alone With Detective McCall
  • Athena Dean Holtz Sits Outside Enumclaw Police Station
  • Detective McCall Turns On & Shuts Off Recorder At Will
  • Every Accusation Suggested By Detective Grant McCall
  • No Investigation - Refused To Examine The House Layout
  • Prosecutor Mark Larson Approves of Detective McCall's Actions
  • Detective McCall Leaves Miranda Rights Card At Home
  • He Knows Internet Has Evidence But Refuses To Look
  • McCall Tells Athena To Hold Off On News Media
  • McCall Phones Athena To Tip Off Son Is Being Reported
  • McCall Lies About What Timothy Williams Preaches
  • Moments After Arrest McCall Informs Athean Of Guilt
  • Athena Dean Holtz Then Markets McCalls
  • Enumclaw Police Were Happy Carla Had A Brain Tumor
  • Enumclaw Police Helped Athena Steal From Roommates
  • Enumclaw Police Tell Those Reporting Crimes To Shut Up
  • Those Stealing From Timothy Williams Were Protected
  • Athena Dean Holtz Is Informed To Go To Texas By Satterberg
  • Athena Dean Holtz On Prosecutors Protected List
  • Enumclaw Police Call In Timothy Williams Name When Refused

Police Chief Jim Zoll

It is no accident the manner and way that Detective Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police station set-up Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing and most of all Malcolm Fraser. Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean worked very, very, very closely together as the hate crime was brought to it’s peak publicity moment in 2012. This is who Police Jim Zoll knew nothing about but let his officers get out of control in McDonald’s towards my wife and I – while he sat their eating his hamburger. When I reported this mounting harassment to Mike Reynolds  City of Enumclaw Prosecutor / Landlord for Athena Dean (Redemption Press) through my attorney Mike Reynolds just handed back the report and the hate crime escalated.

Enumclaw Police Chief Jim Zoll
Police Chief Jim Zoll Didn’t Know Anything About Anything

It was a perfect storm of a hate crime that King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg thoroughly inflamed.

One, of several, counselors involved in Ms. Dean’s grooming of a False Accuser attended The Summit Church of Enumclaw Washington. The Summit Church where now Athena Dean (Holtz) has married for the 4th time the pastor of The Summit that over the years spread slander and forbid his members from coming into the Salt Shaker Bookstore for fear they would discover the truth about the lies. Athena Dean (Holtz) is now a pastors wife who wrote that Christians are “trusting and even gullible.” The False Accuser’s mother, Jessica Gambill (related to the Dean family) and Athena Dean (Holtz) attended The Summit Church when the hate crime began in 2011. Whatever you believe about the slander one would be a fool to associate with Mrs. Dean (Holtz) and at all cost, if they are smart, keep their children away. This is not the first time Ms. Dean has used abuse as a means of controlling and destroying others.

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Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

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