“No Investigation”

No Investigation : Ian Goodhew

When I called King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Seattle, Washington State, office, once Ian Goodhew figured out who I was all hell broke loose. The stonewalling to block an investigation for facts and evidence was en-factually slapped down.

“I am well familiar with that woman [Athena Dean Holtz]
… there will be no investigation into the hate crime”

Ian Goodhew, Satterberg’s
Deputy Chief of Staff, King County Washington-

Ian Goodhew
Ian Goodhew “No Investigation”

As everyone knows if you are a policeman special protection is zealously given but what is not fully know is just how much effort will be put forth into framing-up those you happen to hate given the right individual, or group, is also hated by those in power.

Lies are not even required as prosecutors will just fill in the blanks, weave the emotions and maneuver laws in upon themselves to wear down, wear out through bankruptcy and finally frame-up if it is one of the extremely few cases that actually make it to the courtroom for a trial.

From selfish ambition, monetary gain to class hatred this was on hate crime everyone in the King County Court system profited. In fact, Washington State is well known for this – see When Groups Lie.

WinePress, Sound Doctrine, Salt Shaker and Redemption Press

No wonder Satterberg does not want to look at the evidence. The desks, chair, computers and phones are Winepress property – even the office space – get it?

Athena Dean Hotlz, and Jessica Gambill (mother of false accuser), stated they were after the destruction of WinePress Publishing, Sound Doctrine Church and the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore.

After attempting to do so on multiple levels, they finally hit the jackpot through Satterberg’s Office. The evidence of that destruction came full circle when Athena Dean Hotlz and Jessica Gambill sat down inside the same office space, with the same equipment, through the help of Mike Reynolds – yep – you guessed it, attorney for the Enumclaw Police and past landlord of Winepress Publishing and the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore.

But hey, Satterberg would actually have to surf the web to discover the on-surface hate-crime evidence and that just does not fit the anti-Christian bias. Plus, plus and plus to do that would naturally force everyone to examine the evidence I have on hand that is not posted here – and expect to spend a week or two on that evidence. One should not be so foolish to think this is the only story to the on-going hate crime.

Clearly give those in the legal system a hate crime they can use and they will go after anyone you don’t like – just be sure Satterberg doesn’t like them either.

Equal Hate Crimes

Not all hate crimes are of equal value to the “justice” system. This is why those within the legal system flat out state, “Only gays and minorities” receive any consideration within the halls of the courthouse. Athena Dean had already spoken to the King County Prosecutors a year before in an attempt to frame-up on different issue (that Winepress was “stolen”) – clearly they communicated with a wink, or node, what Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean should give them – and give new lies they did.

Not only was there was no investigation into the hate-crime evidence that literally was everywhere but Prosecutors did everything to create a lie out of a storyline from a one-paragraph statement. The False Accuser came in, sat alone with Detective Grant McCall of the Enumclaw Police, while Athena Dean waited outside as statements were scripted out, step by step by the police. (See video “Worthless”)

To repeat the question: Does Prosecutor Satterberg’s leadership cause Prosecutor Seaver to present cogent and convincing evidence—while factually, reasonably and methodologically expounding upon the absolute surety that the crime(s) were committed?


The answer is, of course, not because there has been, and is, literally zero evidence that a crime was committed.

There is, of course, massive, and I do mean massive evidence and proof way beyond reasonable doubt for a hate crime and police corruption. But as Ian Goodhew stated on the phone that he is “well familiar” with Athena Dean and that there would be “no investigation into the hate crime,” it goes without saying this is one hate crime in which Satterberg allowed the news to inflame the hatred.

Prosecutor Mark Larson
Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

3Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson


Athena Dean Holtz Steal WinePress Publishing with Redemption Press