Secret Service

Prosecutor Satterberg & Secret Service

“to at least give an appearance of impartiality.” – Prosecutor Mark Larson Team

Year, Month and Micro-Second

It took months, if not a year before Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team turned over evidence, but it took Prosecutor Jason Simmons, part of the Team a micro-second to suggest the Secret Service.

As a side note Prosecutor David Seaver might want to note what the Secret Service has been in the news concerning. (See Snake Oil)

Micro-seconds after Judge Beth Andrus directed that the Enumclaw Police computers, almost a year later, be examined for evidence Prosecutor Jason Simmons jumped in and declared for the Secret Service “to at least give an appearance of impartiality.”

That Prosecutor Jason Simmons could so quickly enlisted the help of the Secret Service is very telling, shall we say for now, of the cozy relationship that spells conflict of interests. Keep in mind this as a proxy-prosecution where the focus was Timothy Williams and Malcolm Fraser was being used to destroy a Christian Church.

Prosecutor Mark Larson was specifically assigned to this hate crime and after months, really about a year, finally Enumclaw Police computers were going to be examined. Prosecutor Mark Larson had stalled long enough that by this time the deleted evidence, and who knows what else, was gone, gone, gone. As Prosecutor Jason Simmons stated, there needed to be the “appearance” of looking for evidence.

  • Prosecutor Mark Larson did not utter a word of complaint about Detective Grant McCall’s actions until the judge ruled against the Detective.

In terms of percentages Police misconduct, Prosecutor Abuse and Officials being corrupt by the time anything hits the courts you are looking at only 1% of the truth. It is a big deal that Judge Beth Andrus ruled against the Enumclaw Police. Indeed, Enumclaw Officials were so cock-sure nothing would happen from this hearing they did not get out of lazy-pride mode to clean up the outward appearance act until after this ruling.  Then boy did things change!

Secret Service

Prosecutor Mark Larson quickly called in the Secret Service, yes the Secret Service to go through the Enumclaw Police computers where Detective Grant McCall, (Chief Jim Zoll) having deleted evidence. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg no doubt knew they could rely on the Secret Service to protect their back side as they too quickly suggested their services. Naturally the Secret Service findings were “inconclusive.” U-huh.

Judge Beth Andrus

Of course there is a lot more to this hate crime set-up, but here is the Judge Beth Andrus ruling against Detective Grant McCall and Satterberg who supported everything until they were forced to whisper a different sentence.  Athena Dean and Detective Grant McCall were, shall we say, tight in framing events of the set-up. From press being alerted before the arrest by Athena Dean and Grant McCall leaving his Meridian rights card “at home” – making the arrest at Winepress Publishing, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Indeed, there is a whole back-story of sordid events long before the arrest of Malcolm Fraser.

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg