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King County Prosecutor Satterberg

Keep In Mind

The reader must keep in mind that King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Seattle, Washington State, put Malcolm Frazer in prison with zero, repeat zero evidence.

Not one single factual or confirming piece of evidence was offered in all the layered on false accusations in the King County Court room.

Instead, inviting those who opposed Sound Doctrine Church (i.e. Timothy Williams) were protected to lie day after day. Almost 30 days of I was offended by Timothy Williams, ( Sound Doctrine Church) was the relentlessly slander filled testimony of protected lies. After all Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall testified that Sound Doctrine Church met only 30% of his required Bible doctrines. This statement from the witness stand!

Malcolm Frazer is in prison for allegedly being “self-righteousness”, for Sound Doctrine Church supposedly not doing “hospital visits,” and, oh-yeah for the False Accusers mother having a “manners boot-camp.”

I know this sounds bazaar but because King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg prides himself on King County Prosecutor’s humility these are the kinds of things Judge Lori K. Smith enhanced in the lynch-mob, or Stalinist character assignation type procedure they like to call the law.

It is this kind of corruption that Prosecutor David Seaver sought to coverup as Prosecutor Jason Simmons sat at the back of the 15 minute appeals hearing.*

As the reader will see Prosecutor David Seaver ends his, and excuse the term, legal brief, with a pointed point about the “news”.

After all Prosecutor Dan Satterberg considers slander evidence, his prosecutors feelings the standard to accommodate and the news to be the law.

The rest is merely procedure.

  • Both Prosecutor David Seaver and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, along with the appellate  judges know these hearings are perfunctory fraudulent activity intended to, as Judge Susan Graighead writes to scratch the back of the Prosecutors Office.
  • Indeed the defendant is not even present at these hearings and is limited to several sheets of paper for a response.  Adding insult to injury the appeals court chided Malcolm Fraser for bringing up “morals” yet at the sentencing Judge Lori K. Smith rebuked Malcolm Fraser by stating that what King County Courts did was “moral.”

Prosecutor David Seaver Communicated

Prosecutor David Seaver communicated the following to the King County Courts:

  • That the King County Courts would be examined if the appeal was approved.
  • That the news media often sensationalized such crimes of others so lynch-mob a rejection of this appeal.
  • That Prosecutor Jason Simmons stated the absurd, but Prosecutor Seaver smooths it over with snake oil for the Appeals Court.

As Judge Susan Craighead makes clear it is Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that protects judges when they violate the Constitutional rights of those so abused in the King County Court System. Naturally when the likes of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall and the Prosecutors Office pull their unlawful stunts the (Prosecutors Office) expects to be protected by the judges they present cases before.

Therefore the court gave Prosecutor David Seaver, a.k.a. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg the unlawful protection they sought. The King County Appeals Court not only wrote an emotional response just as Prosecutor Seaver had sought, but lied about the number of laws presented to them in the brief by the Defense.

One can only image the unrighteous indignation that would have steamed from the ears of this court if the Defense of King County had written that newspapers often write about Prosecutor Misconduct, or police abusing the rights of others and so a new trial should be ordered. Yet, not only was Prosecutor David Seaver applauded for such un-legal nonsense by the King County Appeals Court they lied in their response while rebuking the defense for bringing up morals. (More on this later.)

As a side note Prosecutor Jason Simmons slipped in and sat down, just as the appeal got started with the all of 15 minutes was completed for the appeal process. From start to finish the cover-up for the hate crime against Timothy Williams, through the proxy-prosecution of others by King County Prosecutors was naturally of great concern to the team of Prosecutor Mark Larson.

Prosecutor Seavers “I Love You”

“I love you” are the words every woman looks for at the end of a letter or to hear at the close of a phone call. Do a little experiment and leave off those words in a letter or at the end of a phone call and see what reaction you receive.

It is the ending paragraphs that the final point, for all other points, are left as a lasting impression. This is why God’s love letter, i.e. the Bible last words are “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.”

Prosecutor Seaver’s Last Point

So what is the lasting impression Senior Deputy Prosecutor David Seaver of King County wants to impress the judges in the court of appeals concerning the active hate crime of Athena Dean?

King County’s State of Washington Approved hate crime reflected in State of Washington v. Malcolm Fraser is coming up for review to the court of appeals. So what is it Prosecutor David Seaver wants to leave as a lasting impression upon the judges? What is the psychological bantering that Prosecutor Seaver seeks to inflame into the few pages of legal jargon? What is the same tactic employed to incite a lynch-mob jury?

What is Prosecutor David Seaver’s “I love you” closing?

  1. Is it a dissertation on Constitutional Law and foundation of an ethical prosecution?
  2. Is it a extolling on the facts from all the layers of experts available to the prosecutor’s office for ferreting out the truth?
  3. Is it a reminder of the non-existent evidence compiled by Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall?
  4. Is it a smooth, thoughtful eloquent outline of facts from years of law school training?
  5. Is it an outline for the court of appeals on the professional behavior for which information was presented in this prosecution making the non-existent evidence valid?
  6. Is it a reasonable rational for the State’s bad faith in letting Athena Dean escape to Texas after having indulged in her self-confessed hate crime?

Does Prosecutor Satterberg’s leadership cause Prosecutor Seaver to present cogent and convincing evidence—while factually, reasonably and methodologically expounding upon the absolute surety that the crime(s) were committed? The answer is a resoundly “no” because this is a hate crime that Satterberg’s prosecutors are protecting and enhancing. That Detective Grant McCall, Athena Dean and others are engaged in a hate crime that there is more than enough evidence on hand.

Hate Crime

“no investigation into the hate crime”
-Ian Goodhew, Satterberg’s Deputy Chief of Staff

To repeat the question: Does Prosecutor Satterberg’s leadership cause Prosecutor Seaver to present cogent and convincing evidence—while factually, reasonably and methodologically expounding upon the absolute surety that the crime(s) were committed?

The answer is of course not because there has been, and is, literally zero evidence that a crime was committed. There is of course, evidence and proof way beyond reasonable doubt for a hate crime and police corruption. But as Ian Goodhew stated on the phone that he is “well familiar” with Athena Dean and that there would be “no investigation into the hate crime,” it goes without saying this is one hate crime in which Satterberg allowed the news to inflame the hatred.

As this hate crime needed the media to succeed, Athena Dean knew exactly what to market to the press-lusting Prosecuting Satterberg office. Within and without the King County Prosecutors Office, it was the news—the press that was first on the list of importance for those involved in this hate crime. (See for more information)

Such a snuggle relationship with the news was witnessed first-hand by those who attended the witch-hunt trial conducted by Prosecutor Mark Larson and team. Of course, the proof in hand goes way beyond a cozy snuggle relationship and into accessory to a hate crime—but that evidence is for another day.

Page 21 of 22

 “It takes only passing familiarity with recent news of sexual abuse…”
– Prosecutor  David Seaver, page 21, of 22.

Prosecutor David Seaver last words, page 21 of 22 pages points to the, and I quote the media’s “recent news.”

So now, according to Prosecutor Satterberg people should be in prison, or loose appeals, not because of the law, or evidence, but because in the news stories are reported! That this hate crime started in the news and now has come full circle sitting into the lap of Satterberg’s media play – well – no shock there.

“It takes only passing familiarity with recent news of sexual abuse…” so Prosecutor David Seaver writes in his double-spaced love note to the court of appeals. Prosecutor Seaver clearly is attempting the same lynch-mob emotional stroking upon the appeals court judges as was abused upon the jury. What a waste of 226 years of Constitutional tradition and law.

David Seaver, WSBA#30390

The Prosecutors Office and the Courts will flatter themselves that they are above the news media all the while two-timing justice when the public is not looking. Like any worthless scoundrel seeking to con a woman, Prosecutor Satterberg’s office continues it’s adulteress affair with justice.

Naturally, Prosecutor Seaver fails to mention to the Court of Appeals, Prosecutor abuse that is reported in the news “with chilling frequency,” whose position as prosecutors are “held in high regard and placed in positions of fiduciary responsibility, often precisely because of their” position have sent innocent individuals to their death and/or destroyed the very fabric of law-abiding families.

Mr. Seaver fails to mention at all how routinely judges are caught taking bribes, perverting justice and working hand in hand with Prosecutors to deny fundamental rights of those arrested by police in the name of the “best interests” of the State—all of which is in the news.

News Says So

According to Prosecutors Satterberg and Seaver, if the news states “guilty” then it must be true and flaunted in a court of law. Welcome back to the Wenatchee child-abuse witch-hunt “probably the worst example ever of mental health services being abused by a state” which just happened to be the State of Washington. Prosecutor Seaver must have forgotten to mention the media mania from the Wenatchee child-abuse prosecution that helped win convictions—proud day for Prosecutors no doubt.

Funny, one would think the Prosecutors Office would desire to reflect a non-media atmosphere of professionalism. However, Sattersberg’s Office is well-known for jumping into the media pool before facts are even studied.

Prosecutor David Seaver

Based upon Prosecutor Satterberg, excuse the term, logic, the news is constantly reporting on prosecutor corruption and police abuse so let us drag that news before a judge to convict Satterberg of accusations.

Let us take a case, let us say a case of a police officer accused of kicking a woman in the jaw and parade the cultural abuse of the Seattle Police before a jury of twelve and see what the verdict is. Apply the same methods Satterberg did when attacking Sound Doctrine Church; the deleting evidence, witness tampering, rubber hosing witnesses, refusal to investigate and put on the stand, all the individuals who do not like the Seattle Police and see how long reasonable doubt holds out. As a side note: Prosecutor Seaver, the Seattle Times reports the Feds want to look into pressing charges—so there must be something Prosecutor Satterberg is covering up. After all—it is in the news.

Winepress Publishing / Sound Doctrine

Prosecutors Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson
Prosecutors Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

Prosecutor Rich Anderson, part of the team specifically appointed by Satterberg, when verbally informed of massive proof of another like Wentechee set-up just sat in silence on the phone after mockingly commenting about Wentechee, “yea it is distressing.”

So too Prosecutor Seavers gives lip service to being distressed at such facts of accusations in the news but like Prosecutor Anderson the distress is all to further the frame-up of trials.  Contrary to empty Christian dogma one cannot repeat the same sins and be acknowledged as true believers.

In other words, Prosecutors cannot keep at the same corruption bemoaning how terrible it is and not be found guilty by God and law abiding citizens.

So much for Prosecuting Attorney Satterberg’s high-sounding cover-up words that if anyone has “pertinent information” they should come forward. The sadistic joke about the investigation into the hate crime is this: that was exactly what was communicated directly to Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg himself. Thus, the message was clear from Satterberg personally that he had his office’s blessing to persecute Sound Doctrine Christian Church, attack the business Winepress Publishing and continue the hate crimes against any families supportive of the truth. And that is exactly what continued to happen with ever increasing violence as the Enumclaw Police provided Satterberg with what his office wanted to hear and stand by as crimes were committed.

There is no wonder to it that, Detective Grant McCall, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, Sound Doctrine Church, Enumclaw City Prosecutor Mike Reynolds, also former landlord of Winepress Publishing and now current landlord for Athena Dean’s Redemption Press, are all connected to Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg’s failure to pursue the truth and instead endorse the hate crime.

This is why Prosecutor David Seaver is left practicing frack and crack law. First, fracture the system and then look for any cracks from such activity in the law to use as a win in the news. That crimes are  “distressing” are platitudes of ashes as it comes from an office that has exempted itself of criminality. Whose very office Mr. Seaver works for creates the hype, the lies and false accusations that hit the news in the first place.

Just what kind of sinful heart is attracted at working for such men in positions of abusive power? As God stated, They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.

In the meantime the innocent suffer and criminals are given protection if it helps Prosecutor Satterberg’s office.

Cogent Evidence

If it is in the news, it must be true, at least according to Deputy Prosecutor David Seaver years of legal expense and training.

Naturally, to my thinking, only cogent and convincing evidence should ever be considered in a courtroom, but if Satterberg wants to debate news as law let us bring on the lawyers and newspapers.

Prosecutor Seaver’s department refused to even move a mouse to search the web for evidence and it is easy to see from the graphic below why. For if an investigation had been done the State of Washington’s hate crime would have fallen apart.

Dan Satterberg

www.hardtruth.us6Part of the legal corrupting process down at the King County Prosecutor’s Office is the prosecutorial committee. By attacking with committees the Prosecutor’s Office can hide each perversion of the law by deflecting to the other prosecutors. This blunt-force battering ram against a defendant further weakens the ability to present the truth in court. This is why Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, of King County Washington, specifically assigned his expert Prosecutor Mark Larson and team to head up the debar of Athena Dean Holtz’s hate crime against Timothy Williams – Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Bookstore and Winepress Publishing. These King County Prosecutors are Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor David Seaver all of who in the last 3 minutes of closing arguments against Malcolm Fraser placed the name Timothy Williams front and center to the jury because he was the real target. Enumclaw Police, Chief Jim Zoll and Detective Grant McCall, Mike Reynolds City Attorney Enumclaw Wa. Prosecutor Lisa Johnson had no problems with Enumclaw Courier-Herald helping with the set-up, but objected to The Discerning Times Newspaper. Judge Lori K. Smith protected Satterberg’s hate crime trial.

9Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press, joined the Prosecutor Satterberg Cult according to her use of the word cult. See