The issue is not Malcolm Fraser but a hate crime the Prosecutors Office continues to enhance. —T. Williams
Anyone who welcomes her shares in her wicked work. (2 John 1:11)
”So what are you going to do when your church can no longer meet.“ —Prosecutor Jason Simmons
First question: “Where’s your church located?” —Officer Tony Ryan, Enumclaw Police Department
“I struggle daily with wanting to burn down their building.” —Athena Dean (Holtz) attempting to insight hatred

Discerning Times Paper

Lynch-Mob / Hate Crime


Athena Dean, Enumclaw McCall, Dan Satterberg

Enumclaw City Officials, through the Enumclaw Police, have a long history of running out of town those that get in their way, or they do not like. The Discerning Times Newspaper was just one of those things ran out of town for various reasons.

Naturally that the newspaper was onto some serious corruption going beyond our own current experiences.

Little wonder is left in understanding why Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Rich Anderson, Mark Larson and Lisa Johnson work so hard against news that doesn’t feed the lynch-mob hype.



Satterberg, Larson, Anderson, Simmons, Johnson

See Pre-Frame-Up.

Indeed Prosecutor David Seavers sites news to inflame appeals judges in his legal brief for down at King County the last thing that has any relevance is evidence. Remember, these are prosecutors that weed-out potential jurors that believe in evidence.

If someone were conducting a hate-crime these prosecutors are a perfect fit. Individuals had best think long and hard about what Prosecutors are doing to debase the law – because – without exaggeration they could be next. This is why there was almost an extra year between Athena Dean first talking to the Prosecutors at King County and then the embraced hate-crime.

November 2012 Issue


August 2012 Issue


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