Winepress Publishing Statements

Winepress Publishing Statements

A little backstory first as this matter is easily understood – to those who wish to gain knowledge.

It is a very simple story to comprehend. However, like much of what Jesus taught individuals don’t want to understand.

Athena Dean Holtz who gave up repenting of her sins marketed her bad consciouse to others. To governing authoritites different lies were told, to those in the publishing world another set of lies and finally to Prosecutor Dan Satterberg of King County Washington the year-long activity of a hate crime was presented to the prosecutors office. The “Christian” church was self-righteously inflamed, the media all primed and ready for the actions of Prosecutor Mark Larson and team. It is the same old story of good verses evil, truth verses lies and righteousness standing against wickedness.

  • I don’t know anything…
    – Police Chief Jim Zoll, Enumclaw
  • My version of the Bible I believe…
    – Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall King County Court Testimony
  • Only gays and minorities receive any justice…
    Enumclaw Landlord / Prosecutor / Police Adviser Mike Reynolds
  • I was busy.
    – Reason evidence was not turned over by Enumclaw Police
  • What are you going to do when your church can no longer meet?
    – Prosecutor Jason Simmons
  • There will be no investigation.
    – Ian Goodhew, Satterberg’s Deputy Chief of Staff
  • So what.
    – Team of Prosecutors headed by Mark Larson appointed specifically by Dan Satterberg.

Athena Dean Holtz marketed the backhanded sinful slander of those who take up space on church pews to inflame it into a hate crime. As it was with Jesus, so it is with those who follow closely to Him. The Pharisees, Sadducees and unrepentant church attenders orchestrated governing authorities to crucify innocents and some have placed themselves squarely in the Devil’s camp by laying a foundation of “small” slanders. Each person or company was given some self-centered, i.e. sinful reason to go after Winepress. Stating that due-diligence was not performed would be a gross understatement.2 Self-Publisher WinePress Goes Out of Business By Lynn Garrett and Ann Byle | Jan 22, 2014 Publishers Weekly one of many examples. This is why Jesus said, “watch yourselves” as now all those individuals will be found guilty in man and God’s courts. [See Beau for example.]

These events foundations are righteousness against sin, and sin’s repayment for it’s failure to fully repent.7Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death. (2 Corinthians 7:10)

They repay me evil for good, and hatred for my friendship. (Psalm 109:5)

“You [Timothy Williams] were an answer to my prayers 12 years ago and instead of treating you as such I have treated you as if you were a curse. I have hated you in my heart, the one and only earthly father in my life who has loved me enough to stand up to me.” —Athena Dean, Oct 2011, Letter

“The truth is, I’ve destroyed every close relationship I’ve ever had in my life because I’m a bully, a manipulator, a liar, a user, and completely arrogant.” —Athena Dean Holtz, Oct 2011, Letter

I don’t see someone walking by a window constitutes witness tampering,
– King County Prosecutor Nicole Weston

Yea, me neither—if—it were not for all the evidence—that surrounded the hate-crime of Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill.

Kinda like the difference between a thief scoping out your house and grandma walking the dog past a window.

Yea, I know, taking down grandma is a lot easier, but the reader probably gets the point.

To paraphrase events of Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill’s (accuser’s mother) photograph in-your-face hate crime day, thanks for the trophy of Winepress Publishing.

Hate-Crime Stride

Once Athena Dean Holtz, (Redemption Press), hate crime hit it’s stride Washington State Prosecutor Dan Satterberg at first relished the accusation against a Christian company, then conspired with Prosecutor Mark Larson to protect Ms. Holtz’s criminal activities. Then finally to stop any investigation.

As the mounting evidence for the hate crime became clear Prosecutor Satterberg and Larson, through Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall obstructed justice by actively blocking investigations.

Prosecutor Satterberg’s failure to first perform his lawful duties, then to engage in obstruction of justice further enticed Athena Dean Holtz and others to further criminal activities. As the photo day for the False Accusers mother, Jessica Gambill and Athena Dean Holtz demonstrates below the theft of Winepress Publishing was fortold to Prosecutor Nicole Weston who works for Prosecutor Dan Satterberg from day one. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is a prosecutor represented by the Republican Party of King County from Washington State.

Because of Prosecutor Satterberg’s connections in the State of Washington other authorities stepped in line to vilify any call for investigations, let alone justice.

Prosecutors Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson
Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

March 25, 2014 Statement

statement of emails

Athena Dean, Jessica Gambill joined the same church where Pastor Holtz, whom for the 4th time Athena Dean married, as the hate crime began. Pastor Holtz had forbidden his church members to enter the Salt Shaker Bookstore for over a decade. Counselors also came from The Summit Church. Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill are related. Ian Goodwin, Deputy for Dan Satterberg’s Office though familiar deplored any call for an investigation.

January 2014 Hate Crime Gloat Photo Day
Athena Dean Holtz & Jessica Gambill
(both related and, Jessica, a mother of the accuser)

The False Accuser was photographed that day, all smiles and happiness.

And why not?

Prosecutor Jason Simmons even stated at sentencing that the False Accuser was doing “really well” – ya think!

Nothing like being handed a trophy for hate crime activity with a guilty verdict courtesy of Dan Satterberg that will destroy the work of Timothy Williams.  As Prosecutor Mark Larson and team stated, “What are you going to do when your church can no longer meet?”

That question is still being answered, but for Athena Dean Holtz, Jessica Gambill and the False Accuser, they are gonna have a party, all photographed and paraded on the web.

No wonder, Prosecutor Mark Larson and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall obstructed justice by blocking every attempt to move a mouse, search the web and discover the evidence for themselves.

Timothy Williamsking county prosecutor corruption

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