Answered Why Not

Why not? Why not.

Prosecutor Mark Larson team: Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson
Prosecutor Mark Larson team: Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

Why not?

Really why not?

Have you not read the news about all the corruption within the Court Systems around the country?

Why not really is a very naive question that is not only devoid of history on courts in general but clearly is a tuned out question since the rampant Prosecutor Abuse is in the news every day.

But alas, here is the answer to why King County Prosecutors harbored Enumclaw Police corruption.

Why not, because prosecutors consider themselves, and I quote, “unique” and untouchable.

Why not, because prosecutors and those associated with this hate crime had something to get out of it, selfish ambition to be satisfied. Goodness, this is why real courtroom defendant crooks are crooked – they get something out of crime. King County Prosecutors merely use those accused by Washington State to get something out of their crimes of prosecutor abuse. Those who embraced the Enumclaw hate crime gained from the crime. That is why.

For example, if Prosecutor Dan Satterberg doesn’t want to obey Federal Immigration Laws, he just doesn’t. Thus attacking a Conservative Christian Church is child’s-play to King County Prosecutors. King County Prosecutors would never have done this to someone gay or a police officer. Why not? Lynch-mob tactics are nothing

King County Prosecutors would never have done this to someone gay or a police officer. Since Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams clearly is not liberal, gay or a police person, why not it was an easy target?

Why not? Lynch-mob tactics are nothing new to courts through-out history and especially in the State of Washington of King County – see information at the end.

  • Why not, because it fits right in with Seattle’s ultra-left-wing destroy church thought process.
  • Why not, because everyone knows what to give the public for voting enhancing newspaper prosecutions.
  • Why not, because using any accusation of wrong-doing is positioned for political gain on all levels.
  • Why not, because these kinds of corrupt prosecutions are what gets you promoted in the King County Court system.

Probably not interested but here is the spiritual answer as to why.

King County Prosecutors denied the truth and harbored lies because they are loaded down with selfish ambition.

But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, of the devil. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. (James 3:14-16)

King County Prosecutors Fact List

  • No investigation.
  • No examination for truth.
  • No effort to listen to anything stated by Timothy Williams.
  • No effort to look up from cell phones, do the job of a Prosecutor.
  • No resolve to oppose the illegal activist of Athena Dean Holtz
  • No protection of those who held answers that supported the truth.
  • No consideration of all the other crimes reported to authorities before this trial.
  • No objection to Enumclaw Detective McCall leading the accuser word for word.
  • No stopping Enumclaw Police from shutting on and off the recorder.
  • No concern for those abused, now, or in the future by supporting liars (inviting liars).
  • No concern for authors, books, workers, families and individuals health.
  • No concerns for anyone else but their petty selfish ends.
  • No concern for justice.
  • No concern for physical evidence.
  • No concern for dates.
  • No concern for the feasibility of logic.
  • No concern that the lies were beyond reality.
  • No concern for professional medical or physical learned individuals.
  • No opposition to Athena Dean Holtz being at every situation as the hate crime was enraged.
  • No consideration as business, church or lives were being destroyed with evidence literally everywhere.
  • No support for the rule of law that upheld freedoms American law is founded on.
  • No room for toleration of others, just Prosecutor Abuse to shut down churches that do not agree with the State of Washington.
  • No support for the Constitution, or Bill of Rights on a national or state level.
  • No respect for any laws – a mere abuse of legal procedure to ensure that the church did not meet anymore.
  • No worry, …the list gets longer.

If a wise man goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace. – So says God

What are you going to do when your church cannot meet anymore?
Prosecutor Mark Larson and Jason Simmons

All of this because self-serving Prosecutors care nothing about others – no wonder God is offering mercy for such a short period of time.

But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. (Romans 2:8)

If you are self-seeking why not form a lynch-mob? Why not judgmentally protect prosecutors forming a lynch-mob if you are self-seeking? Why not let police entrap, for and create an accusation? Why not, if your agenda is your opinion ride the back of your opponent if you have unaccountable power?

Why? If you are so corrupt you can tell others simply “so what” to evidence of innocents and accuse from there – indeed if you have no conscious – why not.

Why not let lies, slander, and groups lie to gain momentum if it benefits yourself, the city of Seattle and the King County Court ego? Indeed, King County Prosecutors invited those who opposed Sound Doctrine Church, WinePress Publishing, The Salt Shaker Christian bookstore and Timothy Williams to come into court an lie. It would be like asking Democrats to come into court and lie about a defendant that is a Republican. Why not if in Washington State and especially in King County Washington it is how elections are won.

One can only shudder at how many homes, innocent individuals Prosecutors and King County Judges are destroying.

  1. Why not if zero evidence and overwhelming evidence of innocents is meaningless.
  2. Why not if the hate crime serves the selfish ambition of Washington State and King County Courts.
  3. Why not if you can usurp the law and vilify someone based on pure emotional bases. Corrupt courts do this all around the world.
  4. Why not get ahead if you can stop an investigation, harbor a crime and fabricate a storyline in a court of law to get ahead. People do this all the time it is just in King County Courts one is rewarded for such lawlessness.

Wenatchee, Salem Witch-Hunt, Enumclaw

Why not since Christine Gregoire become Governor by prosecuting the Wenatchee child-abuse witch-hunt. Remember in King County Washington the “Wenatchee may be the worst example ever of mental health services being abused by a state … to control and manage children who have been frightened and coerced into falsely accusing their parents and neighbors of the most heinous of crimes.”, so King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Seattle, Washington State, has easily figured out how to get ahead.  Governor Jay Inslee and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg have both figured out how to be contemptuous of the law in order to get ahead.

From the Salem witch-hunt trials fabricated by a group of girls, the Wenatchee child-abuse witch hunt fabricated by corrupt King County Courts to Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s Enumclaw enhanced hate crime it all spells the same thing.

Why not if you are dead spiritually, have a defiled conscious and legally consider oneself to be, and I quote, “unique” and thus above the Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights and laws in Washington State.