Athena Dean Holtz / Self Confessed Manipulator / Loved By Prosecutors

Athena Dean Holtz / Self Confessed Manipulator / Loved By Prosecutors

Athena Dean Holtz

Self Confessed Manipulator
Loved By King County Prosecutors
City of Enumclaw

City Attorney Prosecutor Mike Reynolds
Cancelled Athena Dean Holtz Legal Obligations
Just Before The Multi-Level Hate Crime
Play-acted Later Giving Confidential Financial Information Away
Ended In Photo-op Gloat Day

  • City Attorney Mike Reynolds cancelled all lease agreements and debts for WinePress Publishing that Athena Dean Holtz had signed just before the multi-level hate crime. Later Mike Reynolds prosecutor for the City of Enumclaw would play-act that he accidentally sent Athena Dean confidential financial information which resulted in the info-gram at the end of this post. But there is far more to the story and the Enumclaw Police help Mike Reynolds set up as Sound Doctrine was being ran out of town. It is fair for anyone to assume Mike Reynolds City Attorney for Enumclaw did not cancel anyone else’s debts and lease agreements! [ see info-gram at the end of this post ]

“She [Athena Dean Holtz] is a crazy lady.”
City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds

Yet, Mike Reynolds cancelled all of Athena Dean Holtz lease agreements and financial obligations before Ms. Holtz multi-level marketed her hatred against Timothy Williams. To say I objected in the face of Mike Reynolds on this matter would be an understatement. 

It was after this nonsense that the multi-level hate crime when full steam ahead.  [ From Hate Crime Gloat Photo-op Day ]

Consumed By Success, 1996, Athena Dean Holtz

“Some of the men whom I worked with began to need me more than their wives!”  Consumed By Success, written by Athena Dean in 1996. (p. 67)

As Pastor Ron Holtz’s wife was dying of a brain tumor she had observed what was going on with Athena Dean and stated, “I guess you are going to marry Ronny.”

Athena Dean Holtz is now on her 4th marriage to Pastor Ron Holtz of The Summit Church in Enumclaw, Washington. The Summit Church is one church that commanded individuals not go into The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore. Those who did not lock-step this command were “shocked” to discover just how crude the lies were against Sound Doctrine Church. 

Pastor Ron Holtz of The Summit Church and Athena Dean Holtz were married within months of her death.

Athena Dean Holtz last letter to Timothy Williams click here.

Without becoming a high-pressure, arm-twisting kind of salesperson, you can subtly get your customer doing what you want him to do. These gimmicks are nothing less than manipulation and witchcraft. (p. 126) – Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press

Since Timothy Williams, according to Athena Dean Holtz, was the only one that loved her enough to stand up to sins he has plenty, very plenty a story of evidence to tell. Such evidence, naturally was opposed mightily hard by King County Prosecutors and the Enumclaw Police.

Let none think such standing firm was a part-time-job. The amount of torment and turmoil Athena Dean Holtz inflicted upon myself, and then wife who died of a brain tumor a month or two before Pastor Holtz’s wife would fill a large page numbered book. 

“My money-making days seemed a lifetime away, but I quickly reverted back to that old mentality.” (p. 55)

Indeed, once Athena Dean Holtz left, just before the hate-crime shake down Ms. Holtz attempted to extort money from WinePress Publishing. Athena Dean Holtz hired an out-of-state, thus illegal to practice law in Washington State attorney to blackball a monthly payment from WinePress Publishing. Once I refused this sin Athena Dean Holtz bore full steam into her multi-level marketed hate crime.

Consider Athena Dean Holtz’s Own Words
Consumed by Success

Place at the front of your mind this is who Prosecuting attorney Dan Satterberg chose to protect, guide and use to go after Timothy Williams. Though Mr. Williams was never charged with a crime, nor testified in court Prosecuting attorney Dan Satterberg shaped and molded the attack upon WinePress Publishing, Sound Doctrine Church and The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore located in Enumclaw Washington.

Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall was commended by Prosecutor Mark Larson, who had been specifically assigned by Dan Satterberg, to protect this conspired hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz and Detective McCall.

Like any evil sociopath, Athena Dean Holtz wallows in gaining attention for herself. Ms. Holtz will testify against herself if it brings attention to herself.  Watch out for the tears they arrive on time and in abundance.

Psychologist will inform you that when a person has been hit by a sociopath it is a relentless event because such individuals are not restrained by normal inhibitions.

Charity Trash Bag Fraud

Athena Dean Holtz’s charity trash bag fraud, which was a money laundering, “complicated” scheme appealing to the sympathy of her victims, was Ms. Dean’s method of operation when selling book contracts while at Winepress.

It was a full-time job just to keep Ms. Dean on the straight and narrow of ethical business practices. Athena Dean acknowledged this in her last letter before marketing a hate crime to destroy Winepress Publishing and a church. Whatever a person believes about the church or aspects of Winepress Publishing they would be foolish, in the extreme, to let Ms. Dean near their book.

Athena Dean Holtz is married for the fourth time to Pastor Ron Holtz of the Summit Church in Enumclaw Wa. Ms. Holtz, aka, Athena Dean, considers the Christian community “gullible”.

Last Letter

Here Athena Dean Holtz of Redemption Press openly confesses to crimes and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg uses her to win a trial. The current sad state of the legal system is proof enough of Ms. Dean’s marketing of hatred.

The quotes on this page are taken directly from the book, Consumed By Success, written by Athena Dean in 1996.

Of course, Athena always claims to have changed. But she never does. She keeps repeating the same cycle over and over again.

The point of these quotes, however, is that Sound Doctrine Church did not influence Athena to believe and admit these things. She wrote them herself before she met Timothy or Carla Williams, and more than 5 years before she invited them to move Sound Doctrine Church to Enumclaw.

Athena’s emotional accusations about being “brainwashed” or coerced to sell her business are flagrant lies. “I found that advertising on Christian radio was the ultimate bonanza!…I found the Christian radio audience to be trusting and even gullible.” -Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press

Athena Dean Holtz

“I found that advertising on Christian radio was the ultimate bonanza! … I found the Christian radio audience to be trusting and even gullible.” (p. 44) – Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press

“It became easy for me to use and abuse my relationships in the church to get where I wanted to go.” (p. 42) – Athena Dean Holtz

“I figured that my credibility in ministry would help open the door to attract honest, hard-working Christians into my business. I had the best of intentions and even believed in my heart that the company I represented had a great product and a wonderful opportunity to offer.” (p. 56)

“I can clearly see the deceptive traps I fell into. My way of getting recognition was by making myself indispensable… I had been well-trained to verbally magnify people’s strong points in order to motivate them to increase their sales volume.” (p. 67)


“Some of the men whom I worked with began to need me more than their wives!” (p. 67) Athena Dean Holtz is now on her 4th marriage.*

Athena Dean was always “confessing” that she was lusting, or being lusted after.

Ms. Dean is now married for the 4th time to the pastor of the church that slandered Sound Doctrine Church, commanding that no one who went to his church was to enter the Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore that Detective Grant McCall of the Enumclaw police department testified did not exist.


“I got along pretty well with my peers, but I always had to out-do them, which I’m sure got old for them after a while. I always tried to win – and usually did – in the games we’d play. I had to make sure everyone knew I was the best!” (p. 31)

“If a person didn’t help build my business, I didn’t waste my time building a relationship with him or her. It wasn’t something I consciously thought about, but I had been brainwashed into believing I should pour my life into those who would be successful, because their success would bring me success.” (p. 37)

“When I was steeped in the pursuit of success, I found it very difficult to submit to authority. I did my thing, working 60-70 hours a week, neglecting my family and making major decisions without consulting my husband. I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do.” (p. 152)


“My weak points center around my inability to get close to people, as well as allow them to get close to me. Because of this weakness, I can put more importance on projects than on people, with more desire for business than for relationships. I also tend to be very self-centered.” (p. 27)


“My money-making days seemed a lifetime away, but I quickly reverted back to that old mentality.” (p. 55) Athena Dean Holtz

“So what is the point of my prayers?” as she gives up the fight against her sins, leaves, indulging in her hate-crime lusts. Last Letter of Athena Dean Holtz before indulging in her sins.


“Without becoming a high-pressure, arm-twisting kind of salesperson, you can subtly get your customer doing what you want him to do. These gimmicks are nothing less than manipulation and witchcraft.” (p. 126) – Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press

“How do we play the harlot? I know when I got involved in network marketing, I was obsessed with thoughts about building an empire and a secure future, dreams for a bigger house, a nicer car, ‘the good life.’ I ran after the opportunity and spent all my resources on learning about it and getting good at it. It was the most important thing in my life. To me it was an idol.” (p. 150)


“I never operated on a budget, I just spent and spent and spent, and somehow always generated enough cash to just keep up with the payments.” (p. 25) – Athena Dean Holtz

“In those days I was still operating with my own brand of ‘creative bookkeeping.’ I had always ‘robbed Peter to pay Paul,’ and this time it was no different… I operated without a budget so there was never any way to track expenses and know if we were really on target. There’s plenty of money for everything, I thought.” (p. 59) – Athena Dean Holtz, Redemption Press


Athena Dean Holtz:

“Soon, the ministry became as much of an idol to me as striving for money and success in business had.” (p. 50)

“After five years in the ministry with limited funds and denying myself luxuries, I was ready to make some money. My direction from the Lord to listen to His voice became a distant memory as the wheels began to turn again.” (p. 53)

“My money-making days seemed a lifetime away, but I quickly reverted back to that old mentality.” (p. 55)

“It was at that moment that I clearly saw the fruit of a vow I made when I was nineteen years old.” (p. 83)

Athena Dean Holtz even returns Full Circle to the same slogans and empty platitudes that fooled individuals in the past.

“Consumed By Success – One woman’s searingly honest personal story of misusing relationships for gain.” (back cover)

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg & Athena Dean Holtz

This is who King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg considers of use in the prosecutor’s office.

Very telling.

Think about it a confessed liar, manipulator and thief is just the person King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg wants to help in a trial full of accusations alone.

If you want to get off just go into a Prosecutors Office tell them you are a liar, a con-artist, and ask what you can do for them. After all Athena Dean Holtz’s book, Consumed by Success told Prosecutor Dan Satterberg exactly that.

However, be warned, God declared a long time ago…”Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice,” (Jeremiah 22:13)

The destruction of Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore and Sound Doctrine Church was set into motion by Prosecutor Nicole Weston who, for her boss, Dan Satterberg protected the crimes of Athena Dean Holtz. Prosecutor Nicole Weston pathetically played with her cell phone while Athena Dean Holtz gave her deposition.

Athena Dean Holtz later was directed to get out of the State of Washington and went to the State of Texas during the trial. After the trial Athena Dean Holtz returned to the State of Washington, continued her radio show from Seattle and could now let loose to destroy Winepress Publishing, Sound Doctrine Church, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, anything associated with her target of Timothy Williams because Prosecutor Dan Satterberg was through with Ms. Holtz concerning his part of the purse for selfish ambition.

Athena Dean Holtz was found by Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to be very useful. Below is the reward allowed to Athena Dean Holtz.

Hate Crime Gloat Photo-op Day

Athena Dean Holtz and family member Jessica Gambill
Athena Dean Holtz is the manipulator
Jessica Gambill is mother of the False Accuser
Attorney Mike Reynolds who is among a few things:
City of Enumclaw Attorney, City of Enumclaw Prosecutor, City of Enumclaw Police Advisor
and City of Enumclaw Landlord for WinePress Publishing, now Redemption Press

From cancelled debt
and lease obligations to this photo-op day.


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