Enumclaw Photo-op Hate Crime Day

Enumclaw Photo-op Hate Crime Day

Hate Crime Gloat Photo-op Day

City of Enumclaw

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“She [Athena Dean Holtz] cannot touch me, I am a federal prosecutor.”
City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds

“Only gays and minorities have any rights in King County Courts.”
City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds & Massive Land Owner

“She [Athena Dean Holtz] is a crazy lady.”
City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds

Cancelled Obligations For The “Crazy Lady”

Yet, Mike Reynolds cancelled all of Athena Dean Holtz’s lease agreements and financial obligations before Ms. Holtz multi-level marketed her hatred against Timothy Williams. To say I objected in the face of Mike Reynolds on this matter would be an understatement. 

It was after this nonsense that the multi-level hate crime went full steam ahead. 

At the end of the hate crime guilty verdict City Attorney Mike Reynolds and Landlord for WinePress Publishing “accidentally” sent Athena Dean Holtz private information which resulted in the info-gram below and the bastard-birth of Redemption Press.

Athena Dean Holtz and family member Jessica Gambill

Athena Dean Holtz is the multi-level self-confessed manipulator of Redemption Press.

Jessica Gambill is mother of the False Accuser that set-up shop with and did the Bible-study, gloat hate-crime photo-op day at the building Mike Reynolds owns. Indeed, all the equipment was gaslight-seized in the mist of the hurricane of a hate-crime activity.

Attorney, Landlord, Police Advisor, Mike Reynolds etc. etc.

  • City of Enumclaw Attorney, City of Enumclaw Prosecutor, City of Enumclaw Police Advisor
    and City of Enumclaw Landlord for WinePress Publishing now Redemption Press

From Mike Reynolds cancelling Athena Dean Holtz’s (“crazy lady”) debts and lease obligations to this photo-op day take-over WinePress Offices after the hate-crime guilty verdict sent Sound Doctrine Church out of town. Compliments of the abusive power of City of Enumclaw Police, City Attorney Mike Reynolds and King County Prosecutors for whom Mike Reynolds declared “Only gays and minorities have any rights in King County Courts.” and he “held all the cards.”

City of Enumclaw / Land Owner / Police Advisor / Prosecutor / Landlord for Redemption Press / Key Player on City of Enumclaw City Council Mike Reynolds

That there is an extremely large backstory of gas-lighting with the Enumclaw Police, the Sheriff and other fine-tuned schemes that emboldened the hate crime goes without saying. A lot of people profited in their own manner at the persecution of Sound Doctrine Church, The Salt Shaker Bookstore and WinePress Publishing.

The gas-lighting with the Enumclaw Police, other authorities and maneuvered threats were one after another. 

It was only fitting that in the end despite the fact no one else used a gun in the Christian Sound Doctrine Church get anything you can shake-down, aka Timothy Williams set-up, that City Attorney Mike Reynolds for Enumclaw sure did!

The infogram below is what happened next.

City Attorney Prosecutor Mike Reynolds
Cancelled Athena Dean Holtz’s Legal Obligations
Just Before The Multi-Level Hate Crime

City Attorney Mike Reynolds cancelled all lease agreements and debts for WinePress Publishing that Athena Dean Holtz had signed just before the multi-level hate crime.

Later Mike Reynolds prosecutor for the City of Enumclaw would play-act that he accidentally sent Athena Dean confidential financial information which resulted in the info-gram at the end of this post.

But there is far more to the story and the Enumclaw Police helped Mike Reynolds set up as Sound Doctrine was being ran out of town.

It is fair for anyone to assume Mike Reynolds City Attorney for Enumclaw did not cancel anyone else’s debts and lease agreements!

City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds Rents former WinePress

to, quoting Mr. Reynolds, the “Crazy Lady” Athena Dean Holtz

Behold “Redemption Press” Hate-Crime Photo-Op Mike Reynolds Landlord

Jessica Gambill Mother of the False Accuser and Family Relation Pictured


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