Thanks to King County Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

“!” Corruption Gets A Promotion “!”

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Prosecutor Mark Larson and team with malicious prosecution shoved, bullied and with great force badgered inch, by inch in-spite of all the evidence, and there is much, continued on …even when a Judge ruled misconduct.
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall found to have committed misconduct – yea really, you think.
King County Prosecutors instead of stepping back and responding to my call for an full investigation full steamed the corruption into a self-advancing King County Prosecutor self-promotion.
Indeed, unethical lawyers cleaned up McCall crimes so that the next time he appeared in court it was self-evident that the lies had been window dressed as make-believe truths. Not that Judge Lori K. Smith minded a trial without any evidence.


Applause For Corrupt Enumclaw Police

Hate Crime Gloat Day

Dan Satterberg
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