Badge-Bias is the legal system supporting at all costs, protecting police misconduct and perverting the laws of Washington to benefit those who serve prosecutors while wearing a badge. It is the widespread corrupt attitude in Washington State of Judges to be sycophant on behalf of police and prosecutors.
Police departments who defend all manner of misconduct, cutting corners, setups, lies, and incompetence in order to protect their “family” of fellow policepersons.
To midgate wrongs, enhance personal biases, coverup bad actions and strike-at those accused or in opposition to the State of Washington so as to benefit the police; to fulfill power and self-righteous lusts.

On the other-hand Timothy Williams preaches from all versions of the Bible but without the protection of The Law, The Badge, The Taser, The Gun and The Family of King County Police Thugs to enforce Grant McCall’s King James Only Baptist Doctrine while vilifying opponents.
Listen to the audio of King County Policeman Grant McCall testify in King County Court that Timothy Williams scriptures did not look “quite right to me…..”

King County Prosecutor David Seavers

King County Prosecutor David Seavers was in full-speed Badge-Bias to coverup what Enumclaw City Grant McCall did behind the scene to advance the charges leveled at the defendant.
In short, it was a cover-up and the Washington State Court of Appeals fully performed a Badge-Bias on behalf of King County Prosecutors as requested by King County Prosecutor David Seaver.


“Men are more often bribed by their loyalties and ambitions than by money.”

Associate Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
Nazi War Crime Trials


King County Superior Court
State of Washington, Plaintiff, v. Malcolm Fraser, Defendant
Cause No. 12-1-01886-0 KNT

King County Court of Appeals
State of Washington, Respondent, v. Malcolm Fraser, Appellant
Cause No. 70702-7-1

King County Committee Corruption Enablers

Judge Lori K. Smith’s & King County Prosecutors
King County Committee Enablers
Perversion of Law Came Down To 6 Points

King County Committee
City of Enumclaw Attorney, Prosecutor, land wheeler-dealer understands the King County Court Corruption, so is able to profit handsomely from his personal arrangement of a strong-armed theme City of Enumclaw government.


“Only gays and minorities have any rights
down at the King County Courthouse.”

City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds


Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds City of Enumclaw Washington State
Mr. Mike Reynolds was o-so-correct and thus not only were Judge Lori K. Smith, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Mark Larson emboldened to use corruption to win a trial, but the City of Enumclaw can not be fully out-in-the-open with such corruption.
Judge Lori K. Smith, Judge Susan J. Craighead, the False Accuser are the minority and institutionalized bigotry is corrupting any justice.
However most notably, the perversion of laws to favor law enforcement is in high gear.
One bigotry always leads to another.

There is a culture of corruption amongst King County Judges and the Court System.
The constant politically motivated prosecutions and abusive power structure of the prosecutors’ office are producing untold unrest and misery within King County Washington of Seattle.
Because of the King County Committee’s hiring of an extreme bias liberal thought-control individual, Ms. Deborah Jacobs, and the sycophant King County Court Judges the whole concept of due process has been undermined. (See Judge Susan Craighead)

Unconscious Bias White Privilege vs Fully Consonscious King Count Badge-Bias

Judge Susan Craighead – King County Prosecutors Prejudices

King County Judge Susan Craighead should not be worried about “unconscious white bias” when overt, arrogant, fully conscious, out-in-the-open Badge-Bias is wreaking havoc upon justice in the legal system by her good friends the Judges and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.
For the discussion on the “unconscious bias” of “white” folks, psych-babble, “high-horse” Judge Susan Craighead scroll down into the post.
For Badge-Bias click on the graphic below.

Judge Susan J. Craighead and King County Prosecutor ought to be dealing a death-blow to the overwhelming prejudice of favoritism between Police – Prosecutors and Judges.

  • Judge Susan J. Craighead instead of pounding the gravel at a phantom white bias ought to be prosecuting favoritism between police and King County Prosecutors. Privileged-Badge-Bias is real, tangible and destroying The Law. This very real prejudices to the vile tune of promoting Enumclaw Police Baptist Church Doctrines! Because Enumclaw Sargent Grant McCall was a policeman King County Prosecutors put his Baptist Church Doctrines of Puyallup of Washington State front and center in King County Courts to attack a church Grant McCall had framed. Because Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall opposes Sound Doctrine Church, (Timothy Williams) McCall used slander, lies and an ongoing hate-crime for his frame-up. Such is the Enucmlaw Police King James Bible Privileged-Badge-Bias “special relationship” King County Prosecutors have been stroking the police for years.



First Note

Facebook Post of the Hate Conspiracy

From: “!” Corruption Gets A Promotion “!”

Note the control of the hate-crime frenzy exhibited by Athena Dean Holtz and Grant McCall in creating an accuser.
Note the coordination of the attack constructed by Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Police Grant McCall.
Note the foregone conclusion agreed upon by Enumclaw Police Grant McCall before the False Accuser had even given her statement.
This Facebook post was written by Athena Dean Holtz a self-confessed liar, manipulator and convicted criminal that King County Prosecutors and Enumclaw Police put to use.
This is one reason the False Accuser sat alone with Enumclaw Police Grant McCall that he shut the recorder on and off. The False Accuser was not communicating the conspired upon accusations.


Athena Dean Holtz – Enumclaw Police Grant McCall – False Accusations

1. “She will be ready to talk next week.”

2. “We need a total shut down of communication”

3. Grant McCall “does not want it getting out.

4. Athena Dean Holtz “agrees” with Detective McCall

5. Athena Dean Holtz will let everyone know when to “start” talking.

Athena Dean Holtz Facebook Post



Judge Lori K. Smith‘s trial came down to several basic factual points that were kept in the darkness at every turn by King County Courts.
All of these 6 points and more are examined in high detail on
1. Physics made crime impossible.

The layout of the house made the crime impossible!
Prosecutors offered zero contrary evidence of any kind. The whole idea of a prosecutor presenting evidence for a crime was inverted with the prosecution presenting no evidence and the defense highly censored from producing the abundance of hate-crime and factual evidence.
This is also why Enumclaw Police never bothered to go to the house and examine the physical layout of the home!
Think of it!
The Enumclaw Police in so very small of a town would not go over to the house to see if the accusation was even possible.
King County Courts are so servant to prosecutors that King County Prosecutors knew they would be rewarded for supporting corruption, lying and ignoring the judge’s commands.
2. The time frame made the crime impossible.
The time frame alleged made the crime impossible. Zero evidence for alleged time frame testified to under oath was presented by King County Prosecutors. (Prosecutors offered zero contrary evidence or any evidence of any kind.)
3. The medical conditions made the crime impossible.
The physical handicap of the accused made the crime impossible. (Prosecutors offered zero evidence of any kind on this fact.)
4. Enumclaw Police conspiring was protected.
The conspiracy between Enumclaw Police Grant McCall and Athena Dean Holtz made the charges a lie.
Prosecutors, Enumclaw Police, and Judges covered up the evidence of this conspiracy hate-crime.
One example: Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall sat alone with the False Accuser, scripting out the accusation.
Shutting on and off the recorder as Grant McCall became frustrated that the Athena Dean Holtz / Grant McCall’s worked out beforehand accusations were not being mocked back by the False Accuser.
This corruption was fully protected by King County Courts, King County Prosecutors, Enumclaw Police and notably Judge Lori K. Smith.
5. Tabloid prosecution upended the rule of law.
Law is that prosecutors are to provide evidence of a crime and the accused is to defend himself against those facts. King County Prosecutors had no facts, no evidence and knew they had zero evidence.
Thus King County Prosecutors employed trial by obscene objections and a tabloid prosecution.
This upending of the rule of law was whitewashed by Judge Lori K. Smith, King County Prosecutors and Enumclaw Police.
The Prosecution presented zero evidence, had zero evidence, so resorted to embracing liars that would create tabloid slander to enrage a jury. The complete opposite to the whole concept of justice laws and due process.
Indeed, the misconduct of Enumclaw Police Grant McCall was kept from the jury.
Fact is anything that would have revealed the lack of credibility with the Enumclaw Police, the False Accuser and the State of Washington was illegally blocked.
Every call for an investigation on any level was thoroughly squashed.
Indeed, not one person testifying presented any evidence to back up their slander and lies.
King County Prosecutors offered not one single proof for their proxie-prosecution of Timothy Williams through Washington State vs Malcolm Fraser.
I have over 95% of the trial video recorded, the official transcript, and far more evidence than can be presented here.
Thus no wonder that the City of Enumclaw Police are encouraged to promote corruption.
Note: none of the slander, or lies, had anything to do with the charged crime thus the whole of the legal ordeal was a fundamental corruption of the concept of law.
No evidence was required because as five Federal Judges have noted, King County Prosecutors and King County Judges readily engage liars to achieve their self-interest ends.
The corruption by Prosecutors of Washington State against those holding a contrary viewpoint is rampant especially against white, Christian preachers of holiness like Timothy Williams. SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 5, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ — Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) just received the order from the Spokane Municipal Court judge dismissing criminal charges against Pastor Afshin Yaghtin. As previously reported, Pastor Yaghtin went to a public library in Spokane the weekend of Father’s Day to observe a highly publicized event called Drag Queen Story Hour. There was a heavy police presence surrounding the library and ensuring that only supporters of the event could be near the library and attend the event. Pastor Yaghtin was arrested for questioning the police’s favorable treatment of supporters and unfavorable treatment of anyone they perceived to be non-supportive and for refusing to move to the “protester” zone after being denied entry into the library. The basis of PJI’s motion to dismiss argument was that the command by law enforcement—that Yaghtin move to a designated protest zone—was unlawful because it violated his First Amendment rights and therefore cannot support a conviction of obstructing a law enforcement officer. The judge agreed stating, “he scope of the protest zones was expanded to include anyone attending the event who had an opinion about the event, regardless of whether they were protesting or creating a disturbance.” The judge emphasized that law enforcement told Pastor Yaghtin to move based on his expressed beliefs. Jorge Ramos, PJI’s Seattle attorney who represented Yaghtin, commented, “The judge’s ruling is an enormous victory for the freedom of conscience. The prosecution refused to acknowledge law enforcement’s overreach by separating and even barring people from entry into the library based on their views. We are thankful justice prevailed and Pastor Yaghtin can continue to shepherd his community with confidence.” Brad Dacus, president of PJI, noted, “The judge in Spokane appropriately recognized the danger this type of identification and separation posed to constitutionally protected rights. PJI is proud to help pastors like Mr. Yaghtin continue to live out their calling.” PJI was supported by local counsel Richard Lee.In the case, King County Prosecutors along with the heavy hand of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg ram-rodded a prosecution by tabloid ordeal.

King County Prosecutors Rebuked For Using Liars

6. Prosecution lied and changed testimony.
Prosecutors readily lied and re-constructed accusations to fit their amoral goals.
Judge Lori K. Smith encouraged Prosecutor Jason Simmons to change the False Accuser’s testimony with every ruling and set-for-the-prosecution tone of the courtroom. Indeed King County Prosecutors knew they could blow-off any command given by Judge Lori K. Smith.
In closing arguments to the jury, King County Prosecutors changed the False Accuser’s testimony that she “screamed at the top of her lungs” night after night, to, “She, wanted to scream.” Not one time did the False Accuser ever state she wanted to scream.

  • To get around the evidence of the fact that the layout of the homemade screaming at the top of one’s lungs something everyone would have heard, King County Prosecutors easily embraced lying.

The examples of this flat-out lying concerning testimony and the use of lies to win a conviction are astoundingly often and emboldened by Judge Lori K. Smith.
All 6 of the above points thus had to be hidden by King County Prosecutors and Judge Lori K. Smith in order to achieve a guilty verdict.
Therefore every aspect of the truth was dislodged by a storm of slander, lies, and evidence hiding by King County Judge Lori K. Smith, a very King County Prosecutor in-their-pocket judge.
Police Detective Grant McCall’s corruption was protected from the light of courtroom examination, Athena Dean Holtz and Grant McCall’s conspiracy was duly protected, and finally, the defendant’s due process was destroyed so that no effective defense was possible.
The whole idea of a prosecutor presenting evidence for a crime was inverted with the prosecution presenting no evidence and the defense highly censored from producing the abundance of hate-crime factual evidence. King County Prosecutor Jason Simmons even asking potential juries that believed there had to be evidence to leave the jury pool. Naturally, at trial, King County Prosecutors changed the definition for “evidence” to twist-around tabloid prosection.
In other words, everything was done to ensure that the defense was not able to put forth a defense ~ and it worked.
And not only did it work, but the message has gone out loud and clear from King County Prosecutors and Judge Lori K. Smith ...corruption will be protected if it fits the biased narrative of King County Courts.
There is one reason, 1 top reason why impossible crimes are re-enforced by Judge Lori K. Smith.
That 1 reason is when it comes to law enforcement personnel, no corruption is too mean, too little or too much for Judge Lori K. Smith and King County Prosecutors to hide in darkness.
Since Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall despised Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams, McCall’s Baptist, King James only Bible, pro-create to have children doctrines were given the weight of King County Court law.
No wonder City Attorney Mike Reynolds and the Enumclaw Police can in broad daylight promote corruption.
Below is just one piece of evidence that Judge Lori K. Smith and King County Prosecutors ensured that it never saw the light of examination to protect then Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall.

Athena Dean Holtz & Enumclaw Police Conspire To Prosecute

Facebook Post Athena Dean Holtz & Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall


“!” Corruption Gets A Promotion “!”

[special_box] Partners
Commander Tim Floyd
City of Enumclaw Police
[/special_box] All Applause the Corruption of Law

Grant McCall is “a great addition to the supervisory staff at EPD!”
Commander Tim Floyd of the Enumclaw Police
Sitting alone with a False Accuser and scripting out accusations is just the kind of thing Enumclaw Police applaud.
As for the “firearms instructor”, you might if you can interrupt the never-ending chant of “thanks Mike Reynolds” at Enumclaw City Counsel meetings and ask about the Enumclaw Police Secretary and Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall’s use of firearms.
(Sub-note: There are many reasons why the City Council of Enumclaw blocks any discussion concerning Mike Reynolds and his business dealings in the City of Enumclaw. Therefore do not expect any type of real questions to be permitted concerning the Enumclaw Police at City Council Meetings in Enumclaw.)
Just the kind of experts the Enumclaw Police like in supervisory position. The town of Enumclaw should be very, very, very worried if this is the kind of police work that is held up with double “!” points. The citizens of Enumclaw should be highly filled with worry that the Enumclaw City Council and City Manager have allowed this deep-seated corruption to go on for so long.
Keep in mind when you are confronted by the Enumclaw Police misconduct, setups, deleting evidence, scripting out accusations and denial of your rights are highly rewarded by their officials! (see video)

“The version I believe in.” Enumclaw then Detective Grant McCall
King County Enumclaw Police Court Testimony Concerning McCall’s Bible Version
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall believes churches and Christians should only use the 1611 King James Bible.
Since Policeperson Grant McCall is part of the protected class of thugs King County Courts but the full weight of authority behind Enumclaw Police doctrine of King James Bible only.

  • Thus, when McCall gets to testify in King County Court that the “scriptures didn’t look quite right” he means since Timothy Williams does not use from the King James Bible he is fundamentally wrong, “evil” and “twisted”. (See Wikipedia)

Why? Because Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall does not agree with Timothy Williams’ Bible doctrines.
Enumclaw Police are a King James Bible only group as expressed through Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall. For those no familiar with this antiquated religious non-sense, McCall believes that church should only use the King James Version of the Bible.
Thus, when McCall gets to testify in a court of law that the “scriptures didn’t look quite right” he means since Timothy Williams does not preach from the King James Bible he is fundamentally wrong. (See Wikipedia)
So Enumclaw Police Grant McCall puts it in official Enumclaw Police emails, Timothy Williams is “not saved” and “separated from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

What an abuse of police power.
To quote Commander Tim Floyd “!” indeed.

Enumclaw Police Promote Grant McCall
Pulled Over “Just to say ‘hi’!”

  • From being pulled over by the Enumclaw Police just to say “Hi and welcome to Enumclaw.” to bursting into an apartment in the middle of the night because “the door was ajar” to ending years later with a scripted out accusation set into motion by Detective McCall and Athena Dean Holtz destroyed innocent lives.


  • Then there were the visits by City Prosecutor Mike Reynolds gathering up information about the trial bit-by-bit each day from person-to-person in order to better keep a watchful eye on his land holdings. Certainly insider trading by definition. All of this approved by the Enumclaw Police and Enumclaw City Council.

Behold the growing corruption of a whole police department because King County Courts, King Couty Judges, and King County Prosecutors all stated to the police, to Mike Reynolds, to the City of Enumclaw and a King County Jury, “So what!”
Enumclaw Police person Grant McCall’s 23 years of service does not seem to include the memorization of your Marida Rights.
Enumclaw Police failed to read someone whom Grant McCall fundamentally opposed religiously when making the arrest of his Mariridan Rights because, and I quote King County Court testimony, “I left my Maridia Rights card at home on my dresser.”
Guess not a single other Enumclaw Police person had a Miranda Rights card on hand at the police station. Nor did the police person who helped arrest the individual at WinePress Publishing while Athena Dean Holtz informed the media have a Miranda Rights card with him. Indeed, Detective Grant McCall, now Sargeant informed Athena Dean Holtz after the arrest that he could tell from his years of service that the accused was “guilty by just looking at him.”
Naturally, this statement was spread far and wide by Athena Dean Holtz as she was conspiring with Detective Grant McCall to bring down a church they vehemently disagreed with.
One, of course, must assume not a single Police person at the Enumclaw Police Station is able to memorize Miranda Rights wording in 23 years of service.
As King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Prosecutorial Team like to say, “So what!” …that is exactly what they told the jury and those who were attempting to report a hate crime and police harassment.

  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors to the fact Enumclaw Police deleted evidence.


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors that Enumclaw Police person Grant McCall sat alone with the False Accuser.


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors that Enumclaw Police Grant McCall scripted-out-word-for-word the accusation.


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors that Enumclaw Police Grant McCall lied repeatedly about Sound Doctrine Church, (aka Timothy Williams) This just one reason why King County Prosecutors presented Zero evidence in this tabloid trail.


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors to the fact that Enumclaw Police delayed, delayed and delayed in turning over information because Grant McCall stated, “I was busy.


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors and the City of Enumclaw the Police harassment by the Enumclaw Police over the years.


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors and the City of Enumclaw Council that honest service is denied by the Enumclaw Police and Mike Reynolds City Attorney for Enumclaw and wheeler-dealer of landholdings. When I communicated again that Enumclaw, then Detective Grant McCall’s abuse of police power to bully his Baptists beliefs Mr. Mike Reynolds stated, “I have gotten onto him several times about that in the past.” When I stated that he should be fired by now, Mike Reynolds whine about the work, “Do you know how hard it is to fire a federal employee.” …and so very many examples of refusals to do the hard work that would distract from his other activities. This is why one of Mike Reynolds’s favorite prosecutor tactics is to have offenders sign an agreement to stay out of town. Get it?


  • “So what!” to King County Prosecutors to the fact that the concept of “investigation” was defiled beyond any meaning of the word. With, one among many ways that Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall refused to move a mouse and investigate on the Web.


  • “So what!” that the City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds likes to tout concerning King County Prosecutors and the King County Court System, “Only gays and minorities have rights.” in King County when he wants his way financially.


  • “So what!” to no proof after no proof after no proof.

Don’t be fooled, I had presented more evidence, have more evidence and the continuous activities are proof of all evidence.
Since Enumclaw Police Detective, now promoted to Sergeant, Grant McCall‘s Baptist Bible Doctrine wore a King County Police uniform it was the standard approved Bible doctrines used to frame-up a scripted out accusation that Judge Lori K. Smith sanctioned for a slanderous prosecution.
The applause for Sergeant Grant McCall’s misconduct continues to the tune of “!” by Commander Tim Floyd and Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds who has been very busy since the arrest in arranging the City of Enumclaw.
Caution: Mike Reynolds likes to put individuals off questioning matters by stating, “You do not want to go there. They have a screw loose.” or the famous evil suspicion tactic by communicating “Oh, there is more to the story.”
There are other tactics but these are probably the main ones an individual would encounter on this issue. At least this is what was told me, amongst other tactics employed.
Of course, Mike Reynolds told me Athena Dean Holtz is a “crazy lady” before he canceled all her debts and rental obligations!
(Those who have experienced Mike Reynolds know that he cancels debts for no one and to state this is highly unusual is a gross understatement.)
Now, Athena Dean Holtz has her business in Mike Reynold’s building after acquiring WinePress Publishing property through impure methods. Fact, is a lot of people and things are being arranged.
King County Prosecutors enlarged, enflamed and engulfed a hate crime against Christian preacher Timothy Williams and though the City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds declared Athena Dean Holtz is a “crazy lady” he helped her destroy WinePress Publishing. Now that Mike Reynolds City of Enumclaw Police Advisor and shaper fo the City of Enumclaw City Counsel the corruption continues fully supported by the State of Washington judicial system and the Enumclaw Police.
Just one of the many reports that come my way since the destruction of WinePress Publishing since the days when Athena Dean Holtz admitted that I, Timothy Williams, was the “only one” whoever held her back.
Indeed, I was toxic leadership to Athena Dean Holtz’s sins and she stated such in her last letter foretelling all that she would do. (Amos 5:10)
This is why Enumclaw “Detective” Grant McCall with the full approval of King County Prosecutors and Courts refused to investigate! Instead, King County Prosecutors put Athena Dean Holtz on their witness list to protect the instigator of the hate crime.
You should have seen the final play-act Mike Reynolds put on in the lobby for his finishing act at the WinePress Publishing.
City of Enumclaw attorney, Enumclaw Police advisor, City of Enumclaw power broker, landowner, landlord and much more used his knowledge of King County Corruption toward gays of minorities to move, motivate and shake-out matters for his personal benefit.
[special_box] “Only gays and minorities have any rights
down at the King County Courthouse.”
City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds
City of Enumclaw / Land Owner / Police Advisor / Prosecutor / Landlord for Redemption Press / Key Player on City of Enumclaw City Council Mike Reynolds
2018 Redemption Press on Glassdoor Review Site
Do say King County Prosecutor Team and Dan Satterberg
…do say!

No wonder Mike Reynolds instead of providing honest service to work out complaints tried to get me to talk to now Commander Tim Floyd of the Enumclaw Police. Mike Reynolds stating, “He is conservative. You will like him.”
Smelling a trap I stated, “Sure, if a lawyer is present.” Shut-up does not begin to describe what Mike Reynolds who arranged the “strong-arm” government method for the City of Enumclaw when he came to town decades ago did.
Always look who is maneuvering whom where.

From day one the Enumclaw Police displayed their opposition and hostility instigate by Enumclaw Detective, now Sergeant, Grant McCall.

City Attorney & Prosecutor & Land-owner
Mike Reynolds Was Fully Aware of McCall’s Police Preaching
Yet permitted it to go year after year.



King County Prosecutors Response “So what!”

From top to bottom, left side to right side all King County Officials refused to do their job of justice.
What were King County Prosecutors and Judges’ responses to all the factual evidence of crimes and laws of nature….
King County Prosecutors answer to all the corruption, the truth of facts and evidence of a hate crime was “So what!”


King County Corruption Committee
A Court Culture of Corruption

Enablers and Foundation Builders of Corruption

King County Committee

There is a culture of corruption amongst King County Judges and the Court System.

The constant political motivated prosecutions and abusive power structure of the prosecutors’ office are producing untold unrest and misery within King County Washington of Seattle.

Because of the King County Committee’s hiring of an extreme bias liberal thought-control individual Ms. Deborah Jacobs to the sycophant King County Court Judge the whole concept of due process has been undermined. (See Judge Susan Craighead)

One will note the legal corruption enshrined with the ends justify the means by following the link connected to the graphic.

The King County Committee co-operating with King County Prosecutors have engaged in extreme prejudice prosecutions.
Those making accusations are not investigated, let alone prosecuted for lying if they fit the political end-game of King County Prosecutors and the King County Committee.
King County Judges of Seattle Washington block any cross-examination and investigation of possible crimes being committed by an accuser if it fits the extreme prejudice. The scripting out of an accusation performed by Enumclaw Police is just one example of the methodology the King County Committee uses to supplant those politically they do not support.
This is why Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall knew Judge Lori K. Smith, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor David Seaver, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Nicole Weston, and Prosecutor Rich Anderson would enhance the hate crimes of Athena Dean Holtz no matter how much of the law was abused.
Liars, crooks and false accuser understand all too well the extreme prejudice of the King County Committee and King County Prosecutors and thus are emboldened to form a group-lie, a hate crime without any fear of an investigation let alone prosecution.
Even God requires when an accusation is brought to your attention, then you must investigate it thoroughly. If it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, (Deuteronomy 17:4).
It is no strange thing that groups come forward to lie as King County invites, entices and rewards those who do lie.
King County Committee laid a corruption foundation and King County Prosecutors thus actively block through investigations if it fits the political agenda of those in positions of power. Such abuse of power will not go unnoticed by a holy God.
Groups have lied all down through history and the King County Committee welcomes such lynch-mobs to step forward and lie for their political gain.

King County, Enumclaw Washington, Detective Grant McCall

  • King County Detective Grant McCall sat alone with the False Accuser providing every prompt and dialogue of answers.
  • Planting, guiding and arranging the accusation against political groups not their own.
  • But the list goes on and on of abuse of power because King County Committee refuses to take justice and only justice seriously.
  • Laws or being abused and non-used to fit political gain rather than promoting truth and justice for all.


  • ““Some still believe she is believable.” – Prosecutor Lisa Johnson when confronted with evidence the crime was impossible and the accusations intersecting lies scripted out by the Enumclaw Police. Translation: in spite of all the evidence for a hate crime, this is against a Christian Church ran by Timothy Williams and we can pull the emotional strings of a jury to lynch a guilty verdict. The accuser is cute, the accuser can baby-talk, the accuser can look vulnerable, the False Accuser is a great little actor having been coached by Athena Dean Holtz so let us manipulate the jury without evidence of guilt. All that has to be done by King County Prosecutors is to cover-up and block the evidence for the hate crime. And that is exactly what happened.”

Here is what King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with the gang of King County Prosecutors applauded.
No wonder to it that King County Prosecutors approved of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, whom Athena Dean Holtz conspired with, of sitting alone with the False Accuser turning on and off the voice recorder at will. Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall literally performed a fill in the blank setup of false accusations. Detective McCall would state,
Then he ____________ u-huh
Then he _____________ – yea
Then he ______________ – nod
Then he ______________ – yep
Then he ______________
— turn off recorder —
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
— turn off recorder —
The he ____________________ while turning on and off the record throughout the whole manufactured interview.
…and so it went.
It doesn’t take an expert, though one at great cost was provided to Judge Lori K. Smith that the whole interview was “worthless.” That the officer, that is, Detective McCall, of Enumclaw Washington presented every thought “first” was very useful to King County Courts.
Athena Dean Holtz multi-level marketed a hate crime and King County Prosecutors invited individuals to perjure themselves, – short to lie.
Dr. Yuille who was responsible for creating the King County method of investigating allegations called Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s testimony “worthless.” But King County Prosecutors, out of Seattle, protected and enhanced the hate crime against Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Bookstore – anything to do with Timothy Williams.

King County Committee
Hires Radical anti-Christian Individuals

King County Committee

Since it is a cold hard fact, by evidence and Enumclaw attorney stated it was so, only minorities and gays have any rights in the King County Courts…
And it is a fact that Judge Lori K. Smith is…
And it is a fact that the False Accuser is…
and it is a fact that Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has been catering to such ideology…
You guessed it – see who the King County Committee hired to help ensure “justice.” ( Ms. Deborah Jacobs )
Be sure and request your free gay sticker from the Seattle Police of King County otherwise you too might be rubber hosed into unemployment, a mob of hatred or prison.
No wonder Prosecutor Mark Larson had Prosecutor Jason Simmons ask at the beginning of the trial for show to the jury, how many minority individuals were members at Sound Doctrine Church. Simmons knew the answer through depositions the current minority status – so began the flames of hatred right off the bat. It is highly illegal, criminal, on a world-class level for any prosecutor to accuse without evidence of fact.
Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, pressed forward as they considered the accuser, being a minority to also be cute. Cute and thus useful as a “believable” lie unto a guilty verdict. Prejudice and bigotry in reverse.
Indeed, the State of Washington produced not a single piece of evidence to prove a crime had taken place. Like Communistic witch-hunts, it was all accusations, from beginning to end.
King County Prosecutors Fact List

  • No investigation.
  • No examination for truth.
  • No effort to listen to anything stated by Timothy Williams.
  • No effort to look up from cell phones, do the job of Prosecution by the truth.
  • No resolve to oppose the illegal activist of Athena Dean Holtz
  • No protection of those who held answers that supported the truth.
  • No consideration of all the other crimes reported to authorities before this trial.
  • No objection to Enumclaw Detective McCall leading the accuser word for word.
  • No stopping Enumclaw Police from shutting on and off the recorder.
  • No concern for those abused, now, or in the future by supporting liars.
  • No concern for authors, books, workers, families and individuals’ health.
  • No concerns for anyone else but their petty selfish ends.
  • No concern for justice.
  • No concern for physical evidence….

Councilmembers (from left) Kathy Lambert (District 3), Dave Upthegrove (District 5), Larry Gossett (District 2), Council Vice Chair Rod Dembowski (District 1), Council Chair Joe McDermott (District 8), Claudia Balducci (District 6), Pete von Reichbauer (District 7), Jeanne Kohl-Welles (District 4), and Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn (District 9).

Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds City of Enumclaw Lawyer, Landlord, Land Owner, Etc.
Those in the City of Enumclaw understand this fundamental corruption and positioned themselves to profit from it.
It is a very long and shady story associated with the City of Enumclaw’s and Mike Reynolds.

“Only gays and minorities have any rights”
City of Enumclaw Mike Reynolds speaking of King County Courts
many times in front of multiple witnesses

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