The Enumclaw Hate Crime Against Timothy Williams
Is Chock Full of This Endorsement by King County Prosecutors to Promote Lies

Why sinners refuse to repent is a matter for dumbfounding amazment.
If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked.
Proverbs 29:12

In a separate case this pattern of corruption came to the notice of 5 Federal Judges.

: Note :
In typical Seattle Times hypocrisy and unthinking support for King County Prosecutor Dan Saterberg they turned off comments which were once “on.” When King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg asks the Seattle Times to jump, they jump right to it.

The Seattle Times will support any corruption if their libertine agenda is shoved in the faces of others.

Seattle Times Article

In a blistering opinion, five federal appeals court judges accused two King County prosecutors of conspiring to hide evidence and allowing a witness to make false statements on the stand.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined to offer any relief to Joshua Frost, who was sentenced to 55 years for his part in a string of robberies in 2003. But Judge Alex Kozinski and four others said in an opinion released this week that the prosecutors’ actions were “troubling” and needed to be revealed.

Kozinski said it appeared the two prosecutors worked to hide a plea deal given to a man named Edward Shaw, who testified against Frost, and said allowing a witness to testify falsely would amount to professional misconduct.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office violated a rule requiring the disclosure of information material to the case “by willfully withholding evidence of Shaw’s domestic-violence plea deal and permitting Shaw to lie on the stand,” Kozinski said….

Erik Blevin, Frost’s lawyer on the latest appeal, said Kozinski has been outspoken about prosecutorial misconduct and often uses strong language because he believes no one is addressing the problem.
“He’s using the disinfecting effect of sunlight,” Blevin said.
After Frost’s conviction he filed an appeal, and his case reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which sent it back to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
At issue was whether Frost’s lawyer should have been allowed to argue that the prosecution failed to prove Frost was an accomplice and that Frost acted under duress. The Supreme Court found the court’s refusal to let the lawyer make both arguments was harmless because Frost had confessed.
The high court sent the case back to the 9th Circuit to decide whether Frost’s claims that the prosecutors violated his rights were prejudicial. In a 6-5 decision, the appeals court said Frost didn’t show prejudice because Frost had confessed and other evidence linked him to the crimes. But five of those six judges, led by Kozinski, scolded prosecutors.
At trial, prosecutor Zachary Wagnild introduced an unsigned plea agreement for an unlawful possession charge against Shaw. The signed copy referenced a separate plea deal for Shaw on a domestic-violence charge, but it was never mentioned during Shaw’s testimony. The prosecutor who handled Shaw’s case, Gary Ernsdorff, filed the domestic-violence plea agreement two days after Frost was convicted.
“The sequence of events raises the inference that Ernsdorff collaborated with Wagnild to conceal the agreement from Frost until Wagnild had secured a guilty verdict,” Kozinski said. “If so, this would be shameful misconduct on the part of both prosecuting attorneys.”
Wagnild, who is now a private defense lawyer, denied he intentionally withheld evidence.

“As an attorney who has spent the last five years representing individuals accused of crimes, I applaud Judge Kozinski and the 9th Circuit’s efforts to ensure that the rights of the accused are zealously guarded,” he said in an email. “As a prosecutor it was always my goal to provide criminal defendants with all of evidence that could in any way be conceived to be exculpatory or otherwise helpful to the defense.”


Pattern after Pattern of King County Court Corruption

All Put In High Gear To Attack A Christian Church
King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, King County Courts, King County Culture of Court Corruption

Heads Up: Enumclaw Washington, Detective Grant McCall


Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall gets promoted by King County Police in the City of Enumclaw

Here is what King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with the gang of King County Prosecutors applauded.
No wonder to it that King County Prosecutors approved of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, whom Athena Dean Holtz conspired with, of sitting alone with the False Accuser turning on and off the voice recorder at will. Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Athena Dean Holtz sat outside the Enumclaw Police Station while Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall directed the false accusation.
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall literally performed a fill in the blank setup of false accusations. Detective McCall would state,
Then he ____________ u-huh
Then he _____________ – yea
Then he ______________ – nod
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
— turn off recorder —
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
Then he ______________
— turn off recorder —
The he ____________________ while turning on and off the record throughout the whole manufactured interview.
…and so it went.
It doesn’t take an expert, though one at great cost was provided to Judge Lori K. Smith that the whole interview was “worthless.” That the officer, that is, Detective McCall, of Enumclaw Washington presented every thought “first” was very useful to King County Courts.
In a separate, though a-typical pattern by Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg and King County Prosecutors were given a “blistering opinion”  by 5 Federal Judges.
Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, with Judge Lori K. Smith protecting the corruption provided by the Enumclaw Police. Most notably Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall.
We saw this pattern, and many others, again and again by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office.
Typical of Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, deny anything wrong, then go look into the matter. Set-ups work both ways with King County Culture of Court Corruption.

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

Five federal appeals court judges accused two King County prosecutors of conspiring to hide evidence and allowing a witness to make false statements on the stand.
Seattle’s King County Judges are allowing, encouraging and facilitating King County Prosecutors and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to use liars for their own selfish end-goals.
While the case mentioned in the Seattle Times is different than the one here on the corrupt pattern is the same ~ only intensified.

I have the lies video recorded and lie their little tongues off they did.
Because King Prosecutors invite, mold and protect all lairs if it fits their agenda.

I have the lies video recorded and lie their little tongues off they did. All because King County Prosecutors emboldened the corruption in the hate crime against Christian Pastor Timothy Williams.

These false witnesses were so emboldened by Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and team of King County Prosecutors that they eagerly ran forward to malign a Christian Church they hated.

It takes Federal Judges to raise the alarm as the Judges in King County Washington are wallowing in the mud pits of King County Court Corruption to please these prosecutors.
I have over 90% of the trial video recorded, so that when I state that Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Team harbored, protected and encouraged witnesses to lie ~ it is an understatement to declare I have the evidence.

“All Athena Dean Holtz did,
as she always does,
is bring out the worst
that was already present and active in a person
and the King County Prosecutors Office. “

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